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terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

It's a cruel world, to face on your own.

It can be so cruel, it can bring you down in a minute, when you feel that there is no one to listen to you, to clean up your river of tears. It's cruel when you don't have anyone to support you; a someone to be allways there for you on all those happy moments and of course, in the most terrible ones too, listening to all your real life issues, listening to all the stuff you are worried about, telling all the stuff that is happening to you trought your days.
When you start, getting up on your own feet, starting to feel a bit optimistic, ready to stand for yourself, people sometimes can be really hard on you,they like to call your own problems, dramas. They like to call it Dramas, because those problems that you are passing trought are not theirs, so they just turn their back on you, make you feel even more miserable.. then you fall out again.
Then.. who's gonna hold your hand, and make you go back on your feet? who's gonna make the tears stop falling from your eyes?
The world is to cruel, to face it on your own. Get yourself the best friend(s) you can get, the most perfect soul mate, the person of course that you can love the most.. life cannot bring you down when you have the perfect people by your side.

This is how life can be turned in, in a minute you feel good about yourself, about your future, and in the next minute, your life can be turned into a real hell.


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